AquaRings – The New MyStake Exclusive Minigame

Let’s dive deep into the water. On the bottom of the ocean, besides the strange creatures and seaweeds, you will find the Aqua rings that can bring a good fortune. Do you remember the old handheld water game set with colorful rings and poles in it? Well, that’s it, this game is the best way to have awesome nostalgic fun while enjoying the magic underwater atmosphere.

How to play

AquaRings is very easy to grasp and understand. There are five poles in the middle of the screen. What you should try to do in order to win is to put on the rings on these poles. You can change the number of the rings are hopping from the bottom from 1 to 5. Each pole has different coefficients, which also can be changed depending on the risk of the game that you choose – low, medium, and high.

When you place 5 rings on one pole, you get one bonus score. After you receive 10 bonus scores, the betting process is paused automatically and bonus round starts, in which you get 10 golden rings with random but high coefficients. This game gives you the chance to reap high profits easily and win big. However, do not just take our words for granted, try it out yourself.

For Players

Aquarings is the mini-game developed by Upgaming. You can find Mystake aquarings easily in our mini-games section and enjoy the colorful, rich environment that the game delivers while playing.

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For Affiliates/Bloggers

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