Chicken is a simple, funny and engaging mini-game developed by Upgaming. In this game, the only thing that matters is your luck and gut instinct to succeed. There are 25 hidden images of chickens and bones. The aim is to open as much chicken images as you want in order to win money. Remember, chickens are a win but even one bone is enough to lose the stake money. Therefore, choose carefully and do not play rashly.

How to play

You can customize game rules according to your preferences. In specific, you can choose bet amount and the number of bones in the 25 plates covered with lids. The minimum number of bones you can choose is one, the max amount is 24 with only one chicken in the whole cuisine. The number of coefficient on each tile increases if you open the lid and get the chicken. Payouts also increase when you increase the bone number in the kitchen. The minimum amount of bet is 0.01 USD/EUR, the maximum equals to 1000 USD/EUR. Play with fun and win big! 

For Players

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