Do you love playing cards? We all know that it’s simple, easy-to-play and fun. Hilo is one of such mini-games developed by Upgaming. It contains a standard deck of cards, where you can see one card face up. After the card being showed, you should predict whether the following card will be higher or lower. If your assumption is correct you win. Press the button and try your luck.

How to play

Hilo is very easy game. You can just sit back, relax and play it with pleasure. In this game, Ace is the lowest card and the king is the highest one. You have two options to bet – 1) the following card will be the same or higher to the previous one showed on the screen; 2) Upcoming card will be the same or lower to the one showed beforehand. The probabilities differ from each option according to the card being shown before the betting. Thus, if the first card is ace there is a very low chance that the following one will be the same, but the coefficient and cash out volume will be higher in case you bet on the afore-mentioned option and the next card will be ace too. Try your luck. 

For Players

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