What is Chicken game? —   Chicken Mystake

Chicken game is a wonderful creation of Upgaming company. The idea comes from Mines, however design and game interface exceed all the expectations. Mystake is proud to present this game to the players all around the world.

Mini-games are getting more and more popular. People love simple design and possibility of choice. In case of Chicken, the players can decide which plate they prefer to open.

Another positive thing is high RTP (return to player)—99%. Only a few slots may have such high profitability.

How to play Chicken game at Mystake?

You can play chicken game on Mystake. It is very simple and easy to learn rules. You just need to consider a few things:

  • Bet amount
  • The multiplier increases according to the number of tiles you open.
  • The number of bones in the round defines the difficulty of the game. Also, the multiplier is higher when you select more bones.

Firstly, try to learn game rules. Just make minimum of bets and have a better understanding.

Adjust the number of bones and open as many domes as you consider relevant.

How to play Mystake chicken?
  1. Number of bones
  2. Bet amount
  3. Number of bones and chickens in the round
  4. Multipliers showing total possible wins and next time wins

After you know how to play, start higher bets. Wish you luck and a lot of fun while playing.

Don’t forget that everything’s about luck. Sometimes you may win, and sometimes you may have losing rounds.

Let’s sum up. You can customize game rules according to your preferences. In specific, you can choose bet amount and the number of bones in the 25 plates covered with lids. The minimum number of bones you can pick is one, the max amount is 24 with only one chicken in the whole cuisine. The number of coefficient on each tile increases if you open the lid and get the chicken. Payouts also increase when you increase the bone number in the kitchen. The minimum amount of bet is 0.01 USD/EUR, the maximum equals to 1000 USD/EUR. Play with fun and win big! 

Chicken game strategy

You might be wondering if there is any strategy to win. The answer is NO. Chicken is a casino game, people can not use their intellect here. It all about luck. The whole idea is about guessing when to stop and cash out. No one can predict in advance where is bone or chicken.

Reliability of Chicken game

Chicken game is reliable and trustable. It is tested multiple times by Upgaming company before launching the product. The RTP remains the same—99%, and it will be like that forever on Mystake. Many players will agree that chicken is the most entertaining game on Mystake.

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