How to play Mystake Dino?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Mystake Dino if you enjoy playing online casino games. This game is unlike any other and delivers an amazing experience with great winning possibilities. It is a revolution in the “Crash” online gaming market. Thousands of people have tried their luck, with varying degrees of success. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start.

The Dino Crash Game has become a visit card for the MyStake casino. Millions of gamers worldwide enjoy watching a small dinosaur run, earning multiplayer, until a meteor hits it. 

Dino Casino was created by Upgaming company. Mystake was the first to popularize it. Let’s dig in and find out why Dino got so popular alongside Chicken.

What is Dino game?

Travel back in time and visit the ancient environment, where the existence of dinosaurs is threatened and may come to an end. 

In this awesome game, we are rewinding the clock to witness what happened 66 million years ago. Dino is the last survivor of the extinction event, trying to run away from the shower of asteroids. You’ll be able to observe the pre-historic environment and help Dino get away from danger.

How to play Mystake Dino?

You may have seen a video of a popular Dino Game and wondered how to play it. The reality is that you should try it at MyStake Casino. It would help if you considered a few things before playing.

  • Bet amount
  • Multiplier
  • Auto Cashout
  • Game history

Playing Dino is quite simple. As a player, you should make a bet before the Dino begins to race. The bet amount might range between 0.2 and 1000. Remember that you can put two bets in the single Dino round.

Mystake dino

The goal is to be fast enough to cash out before the meteor strikes Dino. You may set the auto-collect to a specified multiplayer amount, so you don’t have to hit the Cashout button all the time. The Dino Multiplayer increases the stake amount. The total sum earned is credited to the player’s account immediately. You lose your bet if the Dino crashes before you cash out.

What exactly is RTP, and how do crash games work?

RTP stands for “Return to Player.”. Each casino mini-game or slot machine has an RTP % that can be hidden or exposed to the player. The RTP of MyStake Mini-Games is displayed in the game’s about window—there’s nothing to conceal when the RTP is the highest on the market!

The Return to Player Percentage specifies how much of the total stake should be returned to players. The casino’s profit is computed using the formula: Total bets – RTP percentage, which means that when the RTP of the Dino game is set at 96%, the casino gets 4% of the total bets, and the remaining 96% is split within the players. The multiplayer amount, however, is still randomized when the Dino crashes.

Is there any Dino strategy?

 Many players confirm that they know the strategy for winning. However, such tricks are not beneficial in most cases. As you may have understood from the previous section, the system bases wins and losses on total bets and RTP percentage. No one knows in advance when an asteroid crashes. It is totally randomized. So, it’s about luck and your guess as to when to cash out. 

Is Dino reliable?

Since its launch, Upgaming company has tested the Dino game countless times. We added their products only after that. All games have undergone extensive testing. You can have full confidence that Dino is reliable.

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