Keno is a lottery-like mini-game where players can choose the numbers from one through forty and make bets. The game launches as a board where 40 squares are allocated subsequently in a row. There are 8 numbers in each row and 5 numbers in each column. 

The game is developed by Upgaming and has a simple, enjoying design with a device friendly interface. 

How to play

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know math in order to play it, and the rules are as easy as pie. You have to pick your favorite 10 numbers or choose it randomly from the 40 digits and then push the bet button. The computer will point out casual 10 numbers from the board and if there are a number of matches then you’ll win. Nonetheless, remember, the amount of win depends on the number of match – higher the matching higher the win – and the game risk you’ve chosen. Regarding the latter, bear in mind that sometimes you’ve got to risk big to win big. There are 4 types of game risks and each of them gives you a different coefficient of win on various number of matches. The minimum amount of bet is 0.01 USD/EUR, the maximum equals to 1000 USD/EUR. 

For players

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