The story of a Dino

Let’s travel back in time and visit the ancient environment, where the existence of dinosaurs is threatened and may come to an end. 

In this awesome game, we are rewinding the clock to witness what happened 66 million years ago. Dino is the last survivor of the extinction event, trying to run away from the shower of asteroids. You’ll be able to observe the pre-historic environment and help Dino to get away from the danger.

This captivating mini-game, developed by Upgaming, has quickly gained popularity among gaming lovers and fans. Thus, do not hesitate. Let’s go back into the mists of time.

How to Play

Dino is quite easy and fun to play. You should make your bet and collect money before the asteroid falls on Dino. You have to place the bet while Dino hatches out from the egg. Bets are configured manually. The minimum bet amount is 0.10 USD/EUR. Max bet equals 1000 USD/EUR. It is possible to make one or two bets on the same game. You can also use the auto bet and auto collect functions together or separately. In the case of auto collect, you are setting the number greater than 1. Afterward, the win will be collected automatically if the asteroid does not fall on Dino before that number. Play with pleasure and WIN BIG! 

For Players

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