The story of Icefield – New Mini Game

Icefield Mystake

The Yeti is on its adventure on the Himalayas. But every venture has its danger and peril. Help Yeti to safely cross the icefield and leave the dangerous site by avoiding the thin cubes of ice that may slip and cost him his life. He just has to get across the dangerous ice field to reach his home.

How to play IceField

The game rules are very simple: There are various quantity of columns and rows of ice cubes, which you can regulate and change according to your preference. You have to choose the right spot in each column to be able to move to the next. You don’t know at which spot ice is thin or thick, thinner piles will break when you take a step at them and you will lose your bet, but if you choose the right cube of ice you will win.

The amount of win increases as you move through the columns but there is no necessity to get in the end if you don’t want to – You can make a cashout after each successful choice. A minimum amount of bet can be as low as 0.10 USD, while the maximum amount is equal to 1000 USD. Play for fun and enjoy.

For Players

Icefield is the mini-game developed by Upgaming. You can get an exciting and thrilling experience by playing an icefield game on Mystake. Mystake icefield is like a strategic game, but do not get nervous, Icefield strategy is very easy: you just need to push the play button and choose the right cube of ice that won’t slip away or crack.

Mystake icefield offers a pleasant and entertaining environment for everyone who is ready to take the risks and try their luck. Are you interested to find out more? Well, then visit our Facebook page (Mystake Casino) and learn more about our products and services.

For Affiliates/Bloggers

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