The Story of Teleport

Teleport is a game where science and magic coexist and do not violate the rules of each other. Dr. Alistair is a bit crazy but a genius scientist with a brilliant mind. He broke out quantum physics’ secrets and discovered how to teleport into parallel universes. Nonetheless, unknown worlds may not be very hospitable to strangers. Therefore, you must help the mad scientist to avoid the dangerous portals that may take his life.

How to Play

The portal is quite fun and easy to play. Your aim is to choose the right portal so that scientist can teleport to the other universe without being harmed. Unfortunately, not all portals are safe; therefore, you must choose your next step carefully. If you select the safe location, the scientist will teleport to the next tier, but if you choose the spot where the dangerous portal is located, he will die, and you will lose your bet. There are various tiers of boards placed in an ascending manner – dispersed from the bottom to the top. Each tier has different coefficients – as the scientist goes up to the next tier, the coefficients also increase. You can modify the number of boards by choosing between the two versions of board alignment. Your choice will also change the coefficients. The minimum amount of bet is 0.10 USD, and the upper limit of the bet is 10 000 USD. Tand enjoy the game.

For Players

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